Butler, Mars stars share honor


She averaged 18.7 points, 10.2 rebounds, six assists and three steals per game as a point guard.
"She had a bunch of triple-doubles. She could have averaged a triple-double, honestly,"
Butler coach Dorothea Epps said. "But Olivia's biggest gain this year was as a leader.
"She put us on her shoulders and carried us at times. Last year, she didn't have to be a leader. This year, she thrived at it.
"She's still working on her game. I can't imagine what she's going to be like next year,"Epps added.
Considered by some coaches to be the best player in the WPIAL, Bresnahan has been fielding scholarship offers from numerous Division Ischools, including
Oklahoma, Vanderbilt, Connecticut, Pitt, Ohio State, Maryland and Penn State.
"I've narrowed the list to 20 or 25 schools,"Bresnahan said. "In April, teams can start calling me once a month. It will probably get pretty intense."
Bresnahan is handling the collegiate attention with the same composure she showed on the court.
"When things got tough, Olivia kept her composure,"Epps said. "She always believed we could pull a game out and that belief transcended to the other girls.."
While Grenci is headed to college, Bresnahan looks to fine tune her high school game.
"I'm still working on my shot, especially the 3-ball," she said. "Defenses are backing in on me more, trying to prevent me from driving to the hoop. I definitely need to expand my game."